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Reasons to rent a limo bus for your event

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Limos are cool and all, but in 2019, the real way for big groups of people to get around is by limo bus. They’re like limos on steroids, complete with wet bars, dance floors, laser lights, awesome sound systems, flat screen TVs, and side-facing seats so no one feels left out. And they fit anywhere from eight to 40 people! Sure, people could drive themselves or take a taxi, but party buses mean everyone’s traveling (and having fun) together, no one has to worry about traffic or parking, everyone can enjoy an adult beverage or two without worrying about DUIs, and you’ll get all of that with door-to-door service.

So next time you need to get a group of people from point A to point B and you want to have fun while doing so, consider renting a limo bus.

Not sure when you’d use a limo bus? What about for one of these occasions?

Prom Night

The kids will be excited about crowding tons of their friends into one vehicle, the laser lights, the sound system, and the (dry) wet bar, and the parents will be excited knowing they can relax because their babies are in a bus with a licensed and insured chauffeur who will make sure all of the passengers arrive at their destination safely.

Wine Tasting / Brewery Tours

If you’re getting a group of friends to go wine or beer tasting, you’ll definitely want a designated driver and room to spread out (and maybe nap) on the way home. Because this is a pretty popular reason to get a limo bus, a lot of companies will already have a selection of popular wineries and breweries in mind, making it even easier for you to just relax and enjoy the tastings.

Club Hopping

Sure you and your group of friends could spend time trying to flag down or call enough taxis to transport all of you from place to place, but if you really want to enjoy a night of bar/club hopping, the easiest way to do so is with a limo bus. All you need to do is give your driver a list of places you want to hit up and give everyone a time they need to be back at the bus after each stop. You may have to wait for a few stragglers, but considering the bus is like a mini club of its own, complete with lights, music, and booze, it won’t really feel like waiting.

Attending a Concert

Your favorite band’s in town, but they’re playing at a venue 45 minutes away and you really don’t want to deal with traffic or parking or finding a designated driver. Enter: the party bus and solution to all of your problems. The bus can pick people up at multiple destinations, blast music for a pre-show sing-a-long (if that’s your thing) and you don’t have to worry about any of the hassles of getting to and from the show or staying sober. Plus, depending on how much parking at the concert would be, you probably won’t even end up spending that much more.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Whether you’re hitting up the casinos, bar hopping, doing a fancy dinner, or spending a day at the spa, a limo bus is the probably the easiest, comfiest, and most fun way to get everyone celebrating the bride or groom to and from the destination. Plus, because a party bus has more room than a limo, you can open presents, play games, and, of course, pop a few bottles of champagne while en route.

Going to a Football Game/Tailgating

There are a few things that are almost always true about going to a football game: The first is that you’re bound to have a good time. But the second is that the good time is book-ended with traffic, exorbitant parking rates, and stress about who’s going to be the driver. Next time you’re going to any sporting event, a limo bus can alleviate all of the annoyances (and transport your tailgate food and supplies), so that all you have to do is flip the burgers, pop open a beer, and make sure you’re inside the stadium in time for kickoff.

Wedding Day

Depending on how big your wedding party is, limo buses can be the perfect way to transport everyone to the ceremony, including the bridesmaids and groomsmen, all of the family members, and even the guests if the ceremony is off the beaten path. And best of all? Because the bus will depart at a certain time, it means no one will be late for the “I Dos.”

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